Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon S Episode 3 Review

We thought that the dragon oppai loli had a few screws loose, but Saikawa showed her what real horni energy looked like.

The episode starts with Saikawa visiting Kanna at Kobayashi’s apartment, thinking she’d be home alone. I’m not even joking when I say that she has the look of someone who should be on an FBI watch list for lewding lolis, but I digress. Anyway, it’s soon revealed that Ilulu is also home with them, which spoils…whatever devious plans Saikawa had in mind with Kanna. Instead, the duo play cards by themselves after Ilulu declines an invitation to participate because she has a hard time opening up with normal / new people.

This part’s not important to the story, but the way Saikawa looks when she loses and has to rub Kanna’s belly for her is absolutely freaky. She looks like she’s ahegao-ing while enjoying her punishment. She’s a super freak!

Anyway, Lucoa and her Lucoas visit the apartment to talk to Ilulu about her situation. Turns out, Lucoa has the power to turn back time and send her back, so that was a pretty non dramatic reveal of time and space bending powers at Lucoa’s casual disposal. Instead of letting her mope around all day, Lucoa uses her pee beam (I’m not joking) to force Ilulu and Saikawa to talk in the bathroom and find common ground. Saikawa reveals how much of a horny loli freak she is and they find common ground in being violent lolis.

Lucoa narrates that Ilulu was forced to grow up to survive in their dragon world, but finally gets to live out her childhood with the Kobayashi family. The segment ends with the girls getting along and getting belly rubs by Saikawa and falling asleep.

The second part of the episode is all about Kobayashi’s past attempts at looking pretty (in a more feminine way) and her family telling her that it didn’t suit her. They bring the whole gang together in Kobayashi’s apartment and they brainstorm different outfits for her to try out. In the end, she tries on Tohru’s maid outfit and she’s satisfied. While this is all going on, the kids (and chaperone Elma in the middle of the session) play Monopoly where Shota flexes his shrewd business tactics as he makes Ilulu go bankrupt. Turns out, you didn’t need to thing about hoarding resources in the dragon world.

The last mini segment of the episode shines the spotlight on Tohru and her search for a hobby. She was talented in both guitar playing and wood sculpture etching, but didn’t have any passion for them. Kanna suggests line walking on the streets, but is that really a hobby? A TV in the background is playing a music video of the first season’s OP, which gives Tohru the idea of pushing Kobayashi as an idol. The episode concludes with Kobayashi coming home from work to Tohru torturing both Ilulu and Kanna with Kobayashi merchandise and her…unique way of singing. Also, a small scene is shown where Saikawa transfers all her Monopoly goods to Kanna against Shouta’s monopolizing empire, which earns her the permission to worship Kanna. Truly a fitting way to end a Saikawa focused episode.

This episode really felt like a Saikawa dominated episode. Obviously her main goal for going to Kobayashi/Kanna’s house was to do nefarious Yuri loli safe deeds with her, but they actually tied it into Ilulu’s gradual acceptance and adaptation to normal human life. It’s a good way to weave in the loli Yuri hijinks that everyone loves watching Saikawa for with enforcing the evolution of Ilulu’s character. Even though it kind of feels rushed, it was cute seeing Ilulu be able to express herself and feel like a normal girl with Saikawa and Kanna. It’s like the weight of her world’s struggles didn’t weigh her down and she could have fun!

The faces that Saikawa makes throughout the episode are straight up hilarious. She looks like she belongs on the FBI’s watch list against lewding an innocent THICC loli dragon like Kanna.

When Saikawa and Ilulu were becoming friends in the bathroom, I don’t know why I didn’t expect Saikawa to become a full on loli Yuri predator. It’s not safe to leave her alone with any lolis!

It was cute seeing Georgie get her moment in the spotlight giving her explanation on what a maid is and how people define their clothes and not the other way around. I always forget that Saikawa has a sister because her much wilder little sister gets most of the spotlight if they’re ever mentioned.

Tohru’s search for a hobby in the last part of the episode personally struck a nerve with me. No use having a hobby that you don’t enjoy even if you have a gift or talent for it. Tohru could shred the guitar and make god like sculptures (even as a complete amateur, which might make her a Mary Sue in other shows), but she couldn’t express her love for Kobayashi with any of it, so it was moot for her. One of the highlights of the episode was the idol performance that inspired Tohru to go on the Kobayashi art spree because it was the OP from the first season of the show! I assume the girl in the performance on TV was the voice actresses in anime form? If so, that was awesome to see. Chu Chu Yeah!
I’m glad that she could find something to express herself with by the end (even though it was creepily all about mating with Kobayashi).

It’s interesting to see a much older dragon’s perspective when it came to analyzing Ilulu’s situation, but it felt very on the nose how she was explaining what we were already seeing. Maybe it’s to be more direct and get across the author’s message? I loved seeing Lucoa’s other eye open for once, but it felt very off that she (mostly a third party without connection to Ilulu or her people) was explaining her story instead of Ilulu herself.

This episode felt like it was pushing Ilulu more and more towards adapting to the normal (Yuri) family lifestyle and opening up to new people. Quite a shift from her original mindset and fiery attitude from the first episode, so it’s nice to see progress on that front. This episode basically doubled as a “fan service” episode to see Saikawa yurigasm and ogle Kanna. Always cute to see!

I give this episode an above average 3/5. It was mostly fun fan service moments with Saikawa and Kanna, but giving the spotlight to Georgie for a few minutes was unexpected and nice to present her for a change. They also exposed how much of a horndog Tohru is by the end. HORNI!

Random Tidbits / Thoughts

  • I’m almost sure that its dragon baby fat, but did they really have to draw Kanna THICC out of her mind? That’s not normal!

  • I’m not sure if it’s cause of the weird camera angle we’re at, but when Kanna lies down, she looks very flat dimensional wise. It might be her dress that makes her look extremely flat? And I don’t mean by oppai size or anything cause she’s a loli, but the way they draw her looks flat.

  • I’m glad that they could fit best girl Lucoa into the episode even though it was awkward. Always glad to see things literally from her perspective :^). She’ll always squeeze into frame in one way or another.

  • I always knew that Saikawa was thirsty for Kanna, but apparently she’s a predator to all cute lolis out there. She would even go after Ilulu if she wasn’t protected. FBI WE’VE GOT ANOTHER ONE.

  • The one time we get to see Ilulu smiling like a normal kid was so precious. She has a genuine smile!
  • I had to insert this somewhere: ALL HAIL QUEEN KANNA
  • We underestimate Tohru’s horni levels way too much. She might be up there with Saikawa, but only for Kobayashi. OTP!
  • This week’s horoscope features best girl Lucoa. Love her ❤

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