(un)Professional weeb and degenerate

Hallo! I’m Atomsk and I really like anime. I livetweet (think YouTube anime watch along reaction videos, but in text/picture form) every day on my Twitter (@Dat_Vi).

I love livetweeting whatever I’m up to for the day, whether it be doing Final Fantasy 14 dailies or playing multiplayer games with my friends. I originally started livetweeting to keep me from spacing out while binge watching seasons of anime at a time in Middle School, but it’s grown to where it is now through 8 years of meeting interesting people and keeping at it!

Starting from the Spring 2021 anime season, I’ve started doing longer length episodic anime reviews. My long term goal is to get hired to do episodic Anime Reviews on a website.

The World Ends With You: The Animation

The first anime I will be doing longer length reviews on will be a nostalgic blast for me. I grew up spending hundreds of hours playing The World Ends With You on my DS to complete all the secret objectives and unlock the True Ending. I chose to review this show because I can compare/contrast my knowledge of the game’s plot with the anime’s version of events. Also, I’m a fan of the series and can be passionately invested naturally.


I’m looking for a position involving episodic anime reviews! For any business inquiries, please contact:


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